Towers of Gold

http://skyley.blogspot.in/Last evening as the sun went down a flash of light caught my eye. I went behind and found my city bathed in a golden glow of dying sun, a sign of hope as thoughts of sadness crossed my mind. At the very moment that I was clicking these photos, a friend of mine was holding a prayer meeting for the soul of her young son who had passed away in a fatal accident. 

There was a time when we were close, meeting each other every other day. But that was really a long time ago when both our girls were very little. Today both the girls have grown up as have we and somewhere along the way we lost touch. So while it is customary to offer condolences to the bereaved family, I felt that at times like this when death comes so unexpectedly and cruelly to fell a young man in his prime, my attending the prayer meeting would be akin to gawking. So I preferred to offer my prayers and sympathy in spirit rather than in person.

I pray his soul rests in peace and his family can find the strength to carry on. 

Each passing day will be filled with pain, each moment will remind them of his passing on…….

They will remember him in all they see, they feel they touch and think of what he might have said or done…….

He was a spark that spread the light, a tower of gold ,
snuffed out before he could really shine on….

My favourite towers bathed in golden sunlight

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