The Pitfalls of Social Media

The Internet is a great place to get published especially for people like me who want to speak out and no one wants to listen………..There is a great comfort in knowing that when you press the Publish button or Send button or Upload or any other button that allows your words to go out into the Universe that you have actually spoken your mind with very little chance of anyone actually reading your words.

Or so I thought till December of last year when the words I had written on a Facebook wall was read by everyone but the person whose wall it was………It was then that I realised that Facebook is not all that simple as it seems. It can get you into 
really deep trouble.
So when our building society which is far from the co-operative society it is registered as, where everyone is always looking out to see who’s watching, who’s talking and who’s doing  WHAT,sent out all its members a circular announcing our very own Facebook  page community pages including one for with its very own secret societies ( rather childish) I had to remind myself NOT to fall into this trap yet again.
While blogging has become a great way to unburden one’s soul, the Internet has also been the reason for many misunderstandings and social boo boos because once you’ve sent your message out there into the big bad world, anyone can quote, misquote and thereby abuse you or get you into major trouble.
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