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My friend Dee sent me the following jokes doing the rounds after the IPL scam which continues to be the mainstay of our news. 

A priceless tweet on spot fixing or match fixing :  “Once all arrests in the cricket scam are done the league will be played between Arthur Road (Jail) Indians and Tihar Dare Devils.”

  ‘Pepsi’ is not going to be the sponsor of IPL 2014. The new sponsor is going to be ‘Whisper’ because IPL is going through its worst ‘period’! Such travesty…While the great Dara Singh represented Hanuman, his son Vindoo Dara Singh represents Middleman! Innovative ad outside a gynaecologist:We charge very less per delivery compared to SreesanthRaj Kapoor was real visionary. He made Shree(santh) 420 in 1955! Ever wondered the reason why IPL comes on Set Max? Because it is already SET! A towel can make one’s career – Ranbir Kapoor A towel can destroy one’s career – Sreesanth One can make a career without a towel – Sunny Leone 
The Tata Sky channel number of Sony Six HD for showing IPL matches is 420. We should have taken the cue of things to come!  TATA Docomo‘s latest advertisement:While watching IPL, think of usBecause leading bookies use our network! IPL 6’s best catch award goes to:Delhi Police – for catching Sreesanth! After the betting expose, people are still watching IPL – now you know the reason as to why Congress keeps coming back to power! 

The national obsession with the IPL scam is now reaching an all time high.The public’s fascination with this seems to have surpassed its fixation  for Bollywood, terrorism , corruption and other scandalous news! I wonder if any of our tv journalists have analysed for how many days this one topic has been the lead story on all channels? I am seriously getting bored with all this noise and am seriously waiting for the next scam to erupt. 

What is really so mesmerising about the IPL scandal? Does it really merit such heated argument and debate on prime time tv and mainstream media? I wonder what is the true National Passion – Cricket or Gossip? 


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