4 reasons Why you should NOT watch Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani

Why you should NOT watch Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani

What happens when Friends combines with the quintessential Bollywood movie wedding?

You get a predictable concoction of rubbish called Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani

Ever since Wow Dinga came into my life, I’ve not had the time to see a movie so when Jo decided that we should step out and see Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani, I agreed quite readily even though I’m not a fan of either Ranbir or Deepika.

The plot

Kabir aka Bunny who sounds like Paani ( the dubbing was so bad) is the eternal prankster and back bencher who is good hearted, the boy who follows his dream. Naina (who seems mis -named because of her dark rimmed specs) is the archetypical topper of the class who is predictably socially awkward and grows up to become a doctor. Aditi, the wild one and the girl every mother loves to hate is tomboyish and spunky while Avi ( or is it Adi – I just could not make out with the bad dubbing) is the loafer who doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. With such cliched characters, it is not surprising that Aditi lands up being the bride at whose wedding the friends meet after a four year hiatus after their trekking holiday in Manali.

A chance meeting at a grocery store, reunites Naina with Aditi her school friend and when she finds out that her friends are off to the hills, in a fit of inspired rebellion she decides to join them. At first even reluctant to even board the train , Naina soon drops off her initial shyness and throws herself into the mad hatter capers of her friends which appear more delinquent than funny. As all good things come to an end, so does this holiday and the cast comes together for the ultimate Bollywood wedding.

The friends completely dominate the wedding making one doubt  this is as a  Dharma Productions movie whose cornerstone was the Great Indian Family. Finally the shackles of Indian parenthood are thrown off and the bridal couples’ parents are conspicuously missing from the festivities. With a Sangeet that is totally hijacked by Bunny and Naina who also pick up the threads of their unspoken love, the wedding drags on for days and days and you can literally hear the yawns in the theatre….

Finally at the end, Bunny proposes to Naina albeit with a fake diamond ring and the film ends with the typical happily ever after.

Verdict : Only watch this movie if you

  • want to spend half a day at the theatre
  • want to watch Deepika in skimpy dresses exposing the cellulite on her legs in the hills of Manali
  • want to deaden your brains with inane conversations conducted in inane situations
  • want to watch an aging Madhuri jiggle and wiggle in the beginning of the movie

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