Madras Cafe – A must see this weekend

Getting Hubby Dear to the theatre is a challenge so whenever I suggest a movie I am always tense whether he will enjoy it or not. Rather hesitantly I recommended we go to see “Madras Cafe”, the latest offering by John Abraham, especially since it was so highly rated by the movie critics.

The movie despite its disclaimer that it has no resemblance to any living person etc etc is based on the assassination plot of Rajiv Gandhi. Both Hubby Dear and I were held spell bound as we watched Maj. Vikram Singh, played by John Abraham, swagger his way through the film.

The movie begins with Maj. Vikram, now retired from the Army and settled in Kasauli, waking up from a recurring nightmare which drives him to drink.While returning home after purchasing his quarter bottle, he wanders into a church. Predictably the sympathetic padre offers to lighten his burden and Maj. Vikram begins his narrative which starts in the war torn  island of Sri Lanka . Civil strife between the two ethnic populations in Jaffna affected both the Sri Lanka and India so with the aim of bringing peace to the region and to alleviate the troubles of  its Tamil brethren, the Indian Government gets involved in a covert operation to solve this issue. The plot thickens as Vikram  realises that things are not what they seem.

Straight and to the point, the movie is slick and well shot and maintains audience interest despite the gruesome scenes of violence and gore. But it is after all a movie dealing with conflict, so these disturbing scenes are only to be expected and  one can always fall back on the pretty Nargis Fakhri( the journalist) and Rashi Khanna ( the wife) to bring some aesthetic relief  to the screen.

With no recourse to cheesy dialogues or sentiment or stereotypes this movie is realistic and definitely a must see for all those with an interest in modern history and political intrigue



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