Sunsets in Milan

The fading sun at 8 pm from Piazza Duomo

Holidays alas must always come to an end! My brief sojourn in Milan was a bonus holiday busman’s or otherwise. That extra week with my Wow Dinga and Anna Shetty was worth the unbearable heat that we were warned about yet unprepared for.

I spent those wonderful days just hanging out with Anna Shetty and Wow Dinga doing all the things that we were doing in Mumbai which was basically catering to Wow’s basic needs ( Pee & Poo among others!). But we did get time to go into the city and see the sights like other tourists. I’m sharing here, glimpses of a Milan sky, like memories will just remain bits and pieces of light and joy .

A bit of whimsy at a STOP sign against a sunset sky

A busy street getting slowly deserted as the sun makes its way down home

For all my friends who’ve fasted through Ramzan – wish you all a Happy Eid!

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