An afternoon well spent – the Canola Blogadda Cook Out event

I was shopping at my favopurite place in the world Bhaji Gully when I heard my phone ring. I luckily picked it up and found that I was being asked to re-confirm my attendance at the  Canola Cook Out event  sponsored by CanolaInfo  and supported by Blogadda  held on Tuesday 3rd September at the Library, The Four Seasons Hotel, Worli.

I was very excited to be chosen among the many food bloggers who must have applied because not only am I passionate about cooking but am also interested in healthier cooking  since most of the people  I’m living with are either hypertensive or diabetic and both. So not only do I need to watch every morsel that they eat but also have to monitor what makes up that morsel!

The tone of the event was set by Ms. Naini Setalvad, renowned dietician and nutritionist who was one of the panelists, who came by and shook hands with all the early birds, putting us at ease with her friendly banter. She told us why we should not banish oil from our diets and why we should maintain a healthy balance of ALL food groups.

Dr. Ashish Contractor, another equally famous famous cardiologist gave us the go ahead to use Canola oil in our food because it met with our dietary requirements
and prevented us from building up fat reserves that damage our hearts and arteries. He very gamely answered all our queries regarding oil and heart disease and also indulged some minor deviations to dispel myths about  ricebran oil, rice and even potatoes!

And if we thought Canola Oil would hamper the taste of food, Chef Ajay Chopra , Executive Chef of the Westin put all those doubts to rest with his tried and tested recipes of yummy deep fried Chocolate Samosas, Kothimbir Wadi and Watana Karanji  that he demonstrated and allowed us to taste.

Mr. Bruce Jowett Vice President – Market Development, Canola Council of Canada introduced us to Canola Oil and presented us with some pretty amazing figures. For instance do you know that Fuel oil is not the only oil that India imports? It seems that we import 9.5 million tonnes of cooking oil every year to meet the demands of our hungry palates!!

Waiting for the Chef’s delights

The event was very well organised and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting other foodies – both bloggers and serious food journalists. After an interactive session where all our questions were patiently answered, we were invited to a lavish high tea that was laid out for all participants.With the yummiest chicken tikka croissant, salmon rolls, chocolate mousse shots and mango creme brulee (among the other yummy stuff) washed down with the perfect cup of coffee, it was the perfect way to end a well spent afternoon.  Thank you Blogadda for this opportunity

Salmon Rolls & Tikka Croissants

It was indeed an afternoon well spent so thank you Blogadda for inviting me to join in.

I’d like to share the links of the pretty young bloggers whose entusiasm and interest in food makes their blogs informative and worth following :


And the that of the winner of the special hamper from Canola for sending in the best recipe.

For more on this event and the benefits of Canola Oil, read my post on my blog devoted exclusively to food at 



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