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Growing Naturally

Why some people are
happy and some people are not

There are some people in this world who amaze you with their
zen like approach to life: calm and collected they seem to face life with
equanimity, a deep inborn wisdom. There are others who are frenetic, boisterous
and noisy. Yet others are crabby, grumblers who go through life with a frown on
their faces, their minds riddled with worry, constantly battling imaginary
giants. The debate on  how much of this
attitude to life is due to nature and how much to nurture is endless and further
fuelled with new scientific thoughts and discoveries. But while our genetic
dispositions are something we have to deal with, it is a well known fact that
we are largely the products of our environment and to large extent we are what
we eat.
You are what you eat

Even before a child is born, the mother is advised on what
to eat and what not to eat to have a healthy child and a safe delivery. Whether
there is any scientific evidence to prove that certain foods are good or not is
not the point, what matters is that gestating mothers are encouraged to eat
foods that promote a child’s development. 
Papaya and mango, fruits which are normally rich sources Vitamin C and
Beta carotene are frowned upon during pregnancy as they are supposed to induce
Traditional cures for
ancient diseases
All cultures have a system of traditional medicine and we in
India are no different. Ayurveda
which is a lifestyle science assuring the well being of human beings is based
on herbal and vegetal products apart from a strong emphasis on dietary habits
and proper physical activities. Most of the cures prescribed by Ayurveda are
handed down by word of mouth and even recorded in ancient texts like the Charak
  and unlike modern systems of
medicine, the cures are more prophylactic than curative. Thus you will be
advised to have soaked methi seeds to
get a healthy back, sprinkle sesame seeds in your food to improve the health of
your heart.
Why Ayurveda has a
bad  name                                                                                                                                      
Unfortunately, the
system of Ayurveda has been discredited because it has largely been practiced
by un licenced hakims and vaids and scoffed at by modern day
medical practitioners as hocus pocus and mumbo jumbo only because there is no
documented evidence (clinical trials and  bioequivalence studies) conducted on Ayurvedic
products the way they are carried out on chemically processed or synthetic
But all matter is
made up of molecules     
We tend to forget that all matter is made up of chemical
substances be it natural or synthesized so in a way even herbal products are
made of biochemicals and extracts of roots and herbs too have organic origin .
The only difference then between Ayurvedic preparations and non-ayurvedic
preparations are that Ayurvedic medicines are made out of naturally occurring products.

Benefits of Ayurveda       
Since modern medicine does not really offer a cure for most
diseases but actually offers only symptomatic relief through either medication or surgery, I would
definitely support the use of Ayurveda particularly for chronic ailments which actually aims to solve the problem at its roots. It is
a well known fact that a home made concoction of herbs and spices downed with a
spoon of honey is a better alternative to cough mixtures which often leave the
patient drowsy.
Ayurveda and Baby’s

It is a well known fact that : 
  • Soaked almonds early in the morning are a
    great brain tonic
  • ·        
    A regular breakfast of ragi or nachani porridge
    is the healthiest source of Vitamins
  • ·        
    A paste of nutmeg applied on the nostrils dries
    up a runny nose
  • ·        
    Sipping a  decoction of ginger  and lemon juice and  salt is the best to settle an upset tummy
  • ·        
    Turmeric powder is a great antiseptic
  • ·        
    Cow’s ghee is a great source of Omega 3 fatty


There are so many Ayurvedic products that even if manufactured in a modern way (such as Adulsa) retain the benefits of their original source, and help young children combat disease in a “healthier” way. So while I would not whole heartedly endorse the use of Ayurveda to the exclusion of all forms of medicine, I definitely feel that if administered rightly Ayurveda can definitely help children grow the way they are meant to grow naturally and one need not blindly stuff children with Calcium supplements and iron tonic to combat low bone density and anaemia.

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