Why are there no orange bras?

Shopping for bare necessities

There are times in your life when you want to purchase something as simple and as basic as undergarments – not the fancy, lacy ones that send your heart rate racing but the simple ones that simply do the job. Surprisingly enough I’ve found a correlation between shops and merchandise and have come up with a simple formula: the chances of getting what you want are inversely proportionate to the grandeur of the shop. In other words, the larger the store, the smaller your chance of getting what you want.

Let me illustrate this hypothesis : Some Sundays ago I spent an entire  afternoon at Phoenix Mills mainly to shop for a cell for the remote of the Bose CD player. A side agenda was to buy some bras from Triumph. Now there are a good number of ordinary stores in my neighbourhood including a watch repairer just down the road but I foolishly  imagined it would be prudent to buy a battery at the official store hence my trek to the Mall. However when I went to the shop, the salesgirl looked askance and wondered how I could have asked for a cell for a remote when they were the official shop selling the official hardware and not something so trivial as the battery cells that powered their remotes.  So I went to Croma next door which seemed  a logical choice as it is a shop that sells electronic equipment with remotes that are powered by cells.  They looked equally surprised when I asked for a flat cell. I faced a similar disappointment at Triumph which had discontinued the model I was using and had not replaced it with a suitable upgrade/substitute.This only goes to prove my point that fancy shops in fancy Malls never have what you are looking for and it comes as no surprise to me that many of them are closing down . Toy shops don’t have the toys you are looking for, the Mothercare and Chicco stores are equally pathetic and as for basic things like Jockey underwear, don’t bother looking, it’s simply not there.

Choosing the right store

So I went down to the neighbourhood watch repairer who changed the battery in a jiffy ( he actually does most of my repairs in seconds) and then down to the nearby store for my lingerie. And what a shock I got. Not only did this old man give me 10 different bras (as in styles) to choose from but offered me a choice of 4 different brands. In his not very posh accent and Bambaiya Hindi he could advise me on exactly the right kind of lingerie I was looking for. With clothes getting clingier and fabrics slinkier it makes sense to wear seamless bras he told me. Also I could choose between underwire and non-underwire patterns in colours other than white! There were gorgeous baby pink ones, the standard white ones, pretty printed ones, dark wine coloured ones but alas no yellow or blue ones. I wonder why? There’s nothing like a cheery orange to lift you up! And not to mention sky blues for a summer’s day, or inky blue when the rains come down; and how about a light lavender or lemon and may be even a light lime green?

Choosing the right bra

Essentially a bra should be comfortable, well fitting and affordable. Some of the high end brands are just pretty little pieces of lace while some of the basic ones are as exciting as a nun’s habit. Thankfully now we get a huge range of bras both online and in shops to suit all tastes and budgets. So all it needs is some careful shopping around to get the bra that you want.

Request to the Universe

Which brings me back to my lament: why are there no orange bras? Why is there no special shop that stocks every kind of brand and bra under one umbrella? It may well be an internet portal which offers you the luxury of choosing in privacy or a big store in the middle of each city. Are you listening out there you  lingerie retailers? 

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  1. Shalini says:

    First of all I must commend you on that quirky , curiosity enticing title!!!!
    And I loved your write-up n concur with your observations. I myself have had the same epiphany n have started frequenting the smaller community market hubs to malls. I get everything I need at a lesser price and don’t end up paying for parking, buying unnecessary things….. Cheers
    Shalini recently posted…The Call of the Wind that tugs at the heart strings! | #barathon |My Profile

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