The Hand of God

In the 1986 FIFA  Quarter final World Cup match between Argentina and England, Diego Maradona scored a goal by using his hand – a goal made more famous by him calling it “The Hand of God”.

Over the past seven years that I’ve been associated with St.Jude India ChildCare Centres, Mumbai, I’ve seen how the Hand of God actually works. Our founder Mr. NK has a deep abiding faith in the Hand of God which has always come to the rescue of our organisation. The very first time I heard of it was when our newly formed non-profit organisation was applying for some government permissions. As is the case with the government, it was a long drawn out process and we kept waiting for things to move. Suddenly out of the blue Mr. NK gets a call from one of his acquaintances who found the brochure of our organisation accidentally fall out of  from the pile of books kept below the telephone table. Picking it up, the gentleman remembered that he was asked to look into the matter regarding our permissions and he immediately did so!

Similarly, two years ago when our website had crashed, Mr. NK received a phone call from out of the blue – it was his former IT guy who wanted to know if our organisation needed any help. And didn’t we need it! After months of looking for someone to revamp our website it was finally the Hand of God that sent Leon to volunteer for us .

Last year when we were facing yet another manpower crisis, Sinhaar volunteered to help us with our Communications and ably stepped in to fill the breach created by the unexpected departure of our Communications manager.

Helping out with St. Judes has reaffirmed my faith in having Faith. Faith can move mountains and there truly is someone out there, keeping an eye on all of us and extending a hand when things need to be d

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