What can a dog do?

This morning there was more activity than usual. There were balloons
at the entrance and  there were tables with
tea caddies and paper cups set up near the garages. Suddenly a whole load of
people came rushing up the slope.
It was the Mumbai Marathon  that
brought  everyone out on the streets running
for their lives. And for miles and miles too! I feel sorry for those poor bi-peds.
What happens when one leg goes lame? Or they pull a muscle? Do they still
hobble till the end?
But I am beginning to digress like Kimi’s mistress– who goes back
to the beginning of time when you ask her a question. Actually it was Kimi’s
mistress who caused all the trouble today. You see, today the entire building
had come down to watch the people run past. They stood on the side of the road
and made such a racket with whistles and hooters but when I tried to open my
mouth and bark, I was told shut up! I couldn’t even wag my tail! 
“Stop Sasha, you’ll spill my tea!” or “You’ll
frighten all the children. Don’t bark!” And she kept on talking to Kimi’s
mistress blah blah blah and even more blah completely forgetting  that I needed to go to the loo. 
“Stop whimpering,” she said shortly to me when I tried
to remind her that I had a job to do. “Stop acting like a baby,
shweetie..” she said blowing a kiss and Kimi’s mistress   smiled
mid blah and said ” Oooh my chhooooo cuuuute” and went back to
That really did it! What could I do?  I lifted my leg and eased myself. 
“EEEEEEEEEE” screamed Kimi’s mistress as the warm jet
trickled down her leg. “You wicked, wicked dog!” and ran up the slope as
fast as she could.  
 “Cheee! Shasha! BAD BOY”
said my mistress with four sharp whacks on my rump. I pretended to be sad but was
secretly pleased and relieved. After all a dog’s got to do what a dog’s got to

This post is definitely not the view of the author who admires all those Marathoners who keep on running! Running is hard work and truly meant for those of strong will and stronger legs and heart!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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