Those who can do, those who can’t give up!

So Arvind Kejriwal has quit?

What’s so surprising about that?

I’ve always felt that Arvind Kejriwal was making the same mistake as the political party he loves to bait – the Indian National Congress. The Congress as it is commonly referred to was established to obtain self-rule or Independence and once this goal was attained, it should have been disbanded.

Similarly, once Arvind Kejriwal managed to shake the government out of its stupor with a tremendous fan following as shown at his sit-ins, he should have continued to be the tantrum throwing child of politics rather than turning law-maker. Stirring the collective conscience requires a different skill set from actually becoming a politician. While both require strategy, cunning and guile, a politician also requires a certain amount of flexibility, adaptability and the ability to lead. Once part of the government, the rabble rouser becomes part of the establishment so how can he protest effectively against his own kind?

In passing I heard one of AAP’s supporters say that they were revolutionaries – well if this is the case, they should know that Revolutionaries do not necessarily make good Government officials. Time and again history has shown us that revolutionaries make a mess of government – take the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution  and very recently the Arab Spring and the revolution at Tahrir Square.

This does not mean that Revolution is counter productive – Society needs to have a shake up if the people are unhappy. Corruption, poor governance, ineffective laws and the ills of society have to be changed but those who demand change are not necessarily those who can effect the change.

So let’s not be hard on Arvind Kejriwal – he has a job to do that is to waken our collective conscience. He has to stir us into a future where the “mind is without fear and the head is held high “and if we don’t allow him to do so, we will continue to languish in “the dreary desert sand of dead habit.

Author: Unishta

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