Malaysia – A dream destination of leisure and pleasure.

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Malaysia – a holiday of leisure and pleasure

The last time I visited Malaysia was around thirty years ago. It was more or less my first trip abroad as an adult and I remember feeling miserable every time I saw a little girl (which was almost every other minute) as I’d left my girls behind and missed them terribly. It was also a holiday spent with friends which I now realise as a seasoned traveller that this is not the best way to see a place as you often such land up seeing  the things your host wants you to see rather than what you want to see.  So now as an older, wiser and more experienced tourist who knows what she wants to do, I want to see it all again , this time with different eyes.

Ingredients for a perfect holiday

As a history buff, a foodie, a shopper, a trigger happy photo clicker and an old fashioned traveller, my perfect holiday will have a mix of all these ingredients and I’m sure Malaysia will not disappoint. As an older tourist, I realise that my  bones are  creakier and I have no stomach for adventure. I prefer some amount of luxury and a large amount of comfort. Not for me the hectic sight seeing or heart racing experience of bungee jumping. Nor would I like to count the birds and the bees and sigh at every tree. I’d just like to soak in the atmosphere of a city in a slow relaxed way. If possible I’d like to take in a cooking class or two, visit the local bazaar for a glimpse into the life of an everyday housewife.

Starting out with Langkawi

Since my everyday life is hectic, I am badly in need of relaxation and would like to fly  directly to Langkawi if possible and settle in at the Ambong Ambong beach resort . I’d like to spend a day just unwinding, walking around the property, indulge in a massage or so and enjoy a sunset cocktail.  A leisurely down the Kilim river  and a trip to the Pekan Rabu market would offer me a perfect chance to click photos, relax and take in some local culture.

The secret pull of Penang

For some strange reason I can’t really understand, I’ve been fascinated by the word Penang. It immediately conjures visions of an exotic past bang in the middle of Trade Routes. Rooted in colonial history, this place has been designated a UNESCO world site and I would simply love to spend a day or two exploring the past in the  Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion and  Fort Cornwallis. I’d love to take the walking tours because that is truly the best way to see a place, wandering through at leisure.  The street food is supposedly outstanding and I’d love to sample the culinary delights of Gurney Drive at sun down.

Melaka’s colonial past

If possible I’d like to take the train down south to Melaka and Johor. Making Melaka my base, I’d make a trip to Legoland for a quick look at the miniature world which always fascinates me. I’d then indulge in another immersion in colonial history with visits to the Portuguese fort, the Dutch statehouse and Melaka’s Chinese legacy as seen at Jonker Walk. Once again I’d like to make the train journey to my last and final destination Kuala Lumpur, a bustling metropolis that will bring me back to the present and reconnect me to my urban ways.

Back to urbania

Four days in  KL would be enough to get the blood pumping back in my veins. A ride to the observation deck and a walk on the skywalk between the Petronas Towers would definitely be something I HAVE to do. Then back down to earth with visits to the local market at Petaling Jaya and Central Market  gorging on Laksa and Beef Rendang at the Old China Cafe, browsing through the arts and crafts before making that trip to the Mecca of all shoppers BBKLCC, an incredible conglomeration of 9 malls offering food, entertainment and the ultimate in luxury shopping and soaking in the ambience of a bustling city by walking down Jalan Alor savouring its barbecued chicken wings, roti kanai and soak in the general ambience of a city bustling with people.
With its shared colonial past and diverse population, Malaysia offers tourists like me a certain level of comfort – being exotic and foreign yet strangely familiar. I truly look forward to bringing back memories of food, history and nature, completely re-charged with this wonderful holiday!

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