Queen of Hearts

An unlikely Queen of Hearts


In yet another brilliant performance Kangana Ranaut has proved herself to be an actor to be reckoned with. When Rani Mehra, the typical middle class girl next door is pursued by Vijay (Rajkumar Rao), a lumpen looking engineering student who happens to see her at her father’s mithai shop, she is a bit wary of him but in the typical formula of the Hindi movie where the hero relentlessly pursues a girl despite her protests, they do eventually fall in love and decide to get married. The movie “Queen” thus begins with the trending Bollywood formula of the Big Fat Indian Wedding replete with marigold garlands, fat aunties and heaps of motichoor ladoos. But just the day before the wedding,  the moment the Mehndi dries on her hand, there is a deviation in the recipe and Rani finds herself going on her honeymoon all by herself.

Struggling with the emotions of being jilted and trying to cope with an alien culture in an alien land ( Paris) Rani finds herself making an unlikely friend in Vijaylaxmi (product of an Indian father and mixed European mother) and  who ironically calls herself Vijay. Vijaylaxmi played brilliantly by Lisa Hayden takes the young ingenue under her wing and within days, Rani is transformed into a new person. During a shopping trip she accidentally sends a photo of herself in a fashionable Parisian outfit to Vijay her ex while actually wanting the approval of Vijaylaxmi who was waiting outside the changing stall. The new Rani whom Vijay had dubbed “My Queen” piques his interest and he suddenly realises that his excuse for calling of the wedding was not only unpardonable but truly lame ( he muttered something about Rani not being able to cope in London where they were going to be staying after the wedding). After a riotous time in Paris, Rani continues with her ‘honeymoon’ to Amsterdam where she lands up sharing a room in a youth hostel. The three men she has to share with are not what she  had bargained for but  having nowhere else to go has to stay with them as room mates. The four of them become unlikely friends and a dare to cook at an Italian restaurant in Vollendaam makes Rani realise that she can do what she wants to do. So when Vijay lands up outside the hostel and demands to take Rani back with him, she flatly refuses and agrees to meet him the next day.

Vijay is stunned to see a confident, fashionable  Rani walk into the roadside cafe and is even more shocked when she walks out on him citing a previous engagement of a Rock Concert. Eventually Rani returns to Delhi and just when you think the film was going back to formula of boy meets girl, fight  and make up, she gives him back his ring and thanks him for helping her find herself!

Wow! That was one great movie with scenes that tug at your heart strings without being cheesy and moments which leave you laughing. All the actors put in great performances but Kangana Ranaut is truly the Queen of the show.

Verdict :

Must see movie.


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