Day: April 16, 2014


Ladies who tea

Birthday Leftovers (Photo credit: yvestown) Life completes a full circle. When we were little girls the only entertainment we were allowed to go to were birthday parties which were generally always tea parties. Of course we were never served tea but since we were out from 4-6, it was generally referred to as a tea …


Congress Grass – Time to be weeded out

In the mid 60’s when my father was posted to Pune’s Military Hospital as a Dermatologist, he noticed that several of the patients had a funny kind of rash which they only developed when they were posted to Pune. On close examination and careful documentation, he established a link between the rash and a weed …


From National Circus to Family Feud

For many years I wondered why the Congress party kept its fellow Indians in the Dark Ages with a complete lack of transparency and secrecy shrouding the only Indian family in this populous country by not allowing television into this country. After all it was well known that TV was a popular tool of mass …