Voting in South Mumbai

Voters of South Mumbai are notorious for their indifference towards the elections. Of course they voice their opinions vociferously at cocktail parties or social dos but apart from criticising, they do little else. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I wasn’t the first voter at our Polling Station and that there was quite a crowd gathered outside within half an hour after the booths opened.

I could hardly sleep last night as I wanted to be the first at my polling station to cast my vote. Unfortunately I wasn’t the first but definitely among one of the early ones. Our polling centre was quite full and this time round I found the voting process much simpler than before.

  • We were very sensibly allowed to take in our cell phones and bags which meant that voters could go straight to work after casting their ballot
  • Cars were allowed within 10 m of the polling station and some senior citizens were allowed to come in just for a few minutes till they got in/out of their cars
  • The voting cards already  had the number of the Polling Station printed so there was none of that last minute rush to see whether or not you are on the electoral rolls 


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