Another day another whine

Honestly, I’m getting sick of being a whiner but what else can I do?

Croma’s Customer Care that  doesn’t Care

Last month we took on the task of fixing our windows which needed to be fixed  since some of them didn’t open and those that did, didn’t close. But with technology being what it is, we were told that we had to have the exact dimensions of the AC that we wanted fitted  before we could order the window frame.
Now the whole world has shifted to wall mounted split Airconditioners save our building which has forbidden it on the grounds that it ruins the elevation. It must be said though at our height on the 23rd floor only the birds will be able to see the unsightly unit, but being law abiding citizens unlike many in our building who have happily removed columns and beams to accommodate their designer’s fancies, we went and purchased a Carrier Window AC. We chose Carrier because it has a body that doesn’t corrode and will be able to withstand the cruel monsoon winds that lash us every year.

Hubby Dear is very particular from which store we purchase stuff and the current store of choice is CROMA. So we went and purchased the AC from CROMA and left it on the floor till the window frame was ready. Now comes the interesting part.

After one call to send a service engineer failed, I called the service centre once more to make a request to fix the AC. After patiently disclosing my name, address  and 18 character Invoice number, I was told that their application was down and I could only find out the status of my request after an hour.

Now I told the lady I didn’t want to know the status – I only wanted to make a request for the technician to fix the AC and that she should record it as such. Once again I was told to call an hour later to find out the status of my call……

Am I wrong to whine?

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