Busting the myth of the convenience of online shopping

Consumer habits and shopping patterns change with age and needs. Naturally who is interested in buying things one doesn’t want?

So as a young school girl my major concern was to buy a 5p chewy caramel toffees at the end of the bus ride or a 10p packet of singchana on the way home from school. Of course my tastes and needs changed over the years and since I got married over 30 years ago and as for 5p and 10p, they don’t exist in the real world.  I find that my purchases have swung from baby bottles to wedding saris and I’ve shopped from streetside vendors and high end stores with equal comfort and enjoyment.

The only pattern that I can see that has developed in my shopping is that I shop according to convenience – that is the convenience of others – When I was newly married, I left the shopping to the servant who knew more about housekeeping and shopping than I did, restricting my purchases mainly to books,clothes and some odds and ends. When the children came along my shopping revolved around their needs and I had to shop according to their schedules – while they were asleep or away at school or while dropping them off to school or picking them up from some class.

Now I find that most of my shopping is on line supposedly in the comfort of my home and at my own time. However, I find that online shopping is not always that convenient as it sounds. For starters, very often I find that the product I want is not on the list of the online store. I also find that the delivery time slot is not always convenient and worst of all, the delivery boys invariably short change you stating that they don’t have change.

And when I look back, I find that my local banya always delivers what I want within minutes of my calling him. He gives me credit so I don’t have to fish out my wallet when my hands are full of flour. My local chemist, fruitwallah, doodhwallah and muttonwallah all home deliver so why am I so thrilled with online shopping?

Is it really so different from ordering on the phone?

Not really.

I find myself going back to my banya, bhajiwalla and fruitwalla. Of course I still like to shop online but that is largely when the stores are closed and I can’t call up any vendor to deliver!

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