By George! or Twins on Different Continents

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Today was one of those days when  I felt I had nothing to blog about when “pop” came a letter from my father. He is one of those bloggers who couldn’t be bothered about “blogging” having tried his hand at it  several times and abandoned various blogs at different levels of frustration. From time to time when so inspired, he pens a few words and requests me to post or rather host the entry on my blog. So this is a guest post from him. 

Same to Same

I was waiting to collect
medicines at the ECHS clinic when a Pongo came up to me and said to   me
“Oh you are still waiting?”. I
couldn’t understand his query, so I begged his pardon.
 He said nothing and walked away.
I was a bit annoyed with him as
earlier he had entered the doctor’s clinic ahead of me and took a long time with
the doctor talking away unnecessarily.
A little later he came out and sat in
the empty chair next to me.
“Do you know Col. Lalwani?” he
inquired. I answered him in the negative.
“He looks just like you. And I
knew he was coming here this morning” he said.
I told him that I had heard an
Arab of his belief that Allah makes 7 of each and sends them to the earth
simultaneously, hence you find so many faces similar and even continents apart.
“I could well believe in this “he
said and then proceeded to narrate to me the following.
He had been to Sydney, Australia
to visit his son. There was a Servicemen’s Club nearby where one day he had
dropped in for a drink. There he saw a gentleman sitting resembling his friend
Maj. George D’souza. He enthusiastically went up to this man and hugged him
pucca fauji style and wondering what in the hell he was doing there. The
gentleman was taken aback. Our man inquired whether was not he Maj D’souza,
George D’souza. He replied in the affirmative that he was George but he was a
Colonel !! He also confirmed that he knew of Maj. George who was in the Indian
. Our man was intrigued till Col D’souza an Australian told him that his
father was an Indian and married to an eastern tribal lady whose son was
‘George’. He later migrated to Australia and married an Australian lady whose
son was also named George.The Indian George became a Major and the Australian
became a Colonel; both in their respective Armies!Our man corroborated this
story with Maj George D’souza on his return to India.

The only red herring in this narrative is the
age difference between the 2 Georges which I did not bother about. 
p.s. If any of you happen to know any of the Georges in this story, either in Australia or India, you may please tell my father at bjog@vsnl.com

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