How to buy the perfect headache

Now why would anyone in their right minds buy a headache? Well you would if you were gifted an iPad.

It all began with my Diwali gift the year before last which was the gift of an iPad. At that time it was the latest technology and I was pleased as punch that finally I was an IT girl with the slimmest ever iPad that would completely take over my life.

Actually I didn’t really see the need for an iPad since I already had a huge big desk top with a key board I could happily bang on, a tiny Canon camera which let me take good photos and a Nokia phone that allowed me to receive and make calls. I didn’t need to download any books or movies or songs because I didn’t really need to – I saw movies in the theatre or on my DVD player, heard music on the radio or again on my music system and as for reading – give me a book whose pages I could turn any day.

But I was happy to get an iPad and loved seeing this little message at the end of an email Sent from my iPad.

I used MTNL‘s Trump/Dolphin or whatever it was called to access the net till I finally found that I was out of network area even though my house was hardly 100 m away from the MTNL building from where the signals were beamed. I suffered two years of horrible network and decided finally to opt for Vodaphone.

That turned out to be a big mistake because for the past 24 hours I haven’t gone beyond the IVR. First I had to get my account verified telephonically after which the service was activated. After the service was activated I found that my iPad was still not connecting to the net.

Then began that wonderful interaction with the IVR that made me press 1, 2 , 3, talk to people who told me to hang up and call another number since I was obviously connected to the wrong person. Five attempts later I finally managed to talk to someone who told me to re-insert the SIM card which I did. Still I didn’t get hooked up. Then I was told to put the SIM card in another instrument and activate it. Unfortunately the card didn’t fit into the iPhone. So I was told to put the SIM in the dongle and connect that to a computer. I followed the instructions faithfully and still found that my iPad remained disconnected from the virtual world.


This experience is tedious enough and I don’t want to grumble any more.

All I can say is that if you want to buy yourself a headache buy yourself an iPad and power it with Vodaphone. The only thing you’ll be familiar with is the message which says

Welcome to Vodafone. For information in English press 1
For billing or payment related inquiries press 1……..
And the instructions go on and on and on.

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