Proud to be Indian

Despite the umpteen reasons for being happy to be born in India, there are equally hundreds of reasons to feel sorry for the state of the nation – the daily grind, the daily whine and the daily blah blah blah. Somehow nothing seems to really change and if it does, it is so imperceptible that it is almost like nothing ever moves. However, yesterday was one of those days when I felt proud to be an  Indian.

As the sun began to set behind the magnificently regal Rashtrapathi Bhavan, amidst a congregation of friends and enemies, wellwishers and naysayers, the government of India headed by Mr. Narendra Modi was sworn in. Thanks to the incessant media blitz, several of the people present seemed like old friends and family attending a typical BIG FAT INDIAN GET TOGETHER where pearls and khadi mixed easily with saffron robes, uniformed men , humble sons of the soil, distinguished citizens, captains of industry and  celebrities from tinsel town – indeed it was a true microcosm of the glorious country we call our home.

Because it was a solemn occasion there was no band baja or fireworks, but no one could deny a sense of festivity in the air, a feeling of hope and renewed energy and faith in the notion of nationhood and statesmanship that pervaded the atmosphere. With several of the ministers new entrants to governing one can look forward to an era of unbiased governance where tokenism symbolism and sheer populism finally takes a back seat giving merit its place in the sun.

As he signed his name with the flourish of a Mont Blanc pen, our Prime Minister himself has shown and proved beyond doubt that India can recognise merit and that hard work and determination coupled with integrity and selflessness can get a simple Indian to the top of the pile.

Yesterday as the entire cabinet stood beside the President I felt truly proud to be an Indian.

The photos are taken from the INDIA TODAY web page

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