SAMSUNG – Customer Service that really sucks

Apart from the utility itself, one of the key reasons for my purchase of a product is the customer service offered by the manufacturer. At one time I was more than satisfied with SAMSUNG and its after sales service especially when it came to my airconditioner which is why when my daughter insisted I upgrade to a smartphone, I didn’t protest when she suggested SAMSUNG.

Sadly this has turned out to be one of the worst experiences of my life. In previous posts I’ve narrated the saga of my Samsung Galaxy Young which has been giving me a lot of trouble these past six months. Earlier this year I approached the shop from where I’d made the purchase and was told to produce the original bill failing which the shop would refuse to entertain any complaints. I was horrified because who in his right mind keeps a bill which incidentally is printed on thermal paper and is close to fading after time? So naturally I went off in a huff but finally when the phone just hung up on me and went completely dead, I had to get it fixed.

This time I sent it to the Service Centre where I was told that unless I produced a bill I wouldn’t get any service!!!! This is really the most shocking part! Surely any manufacturer would recognise all the markings they put on all their gadgets and track it down to verify their authenticity? I would have thought that SAMSUNG would recognise their product irrespective of where I’d got it from – for instance suppose it was gifted to me without a bill? Would that then make it not worthy of being serviced?

I truly think SAMSUNG sucks, its products suck and its after sales and customer service sucks even more!
Their customer redressal system is long winded and requires online registration of the product before you can even get on to an answering machine on a phone!!!!!

I would strongly advise everyone to AVOID all smartphones particularly SAMSUNG.

Why get a phone that can play the radio, download your mails, tell you where you are going via GPS, keep you in touch with all your friends through different applications, take photographs and do everything but fry an egg?

Frankly a phone is a phone is a phone and should only function as a phone.

Bring back the simple phone that worked or at any rate provide a Customer Service that leaves consumers satisfied.

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