The perils of social media

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Bottling things up, brushing things under the carpet, letting sleeping dogs lie, turning the other cheek, all these mechanisms which supposedly help to keep the family peace also help in letting wounds fester in your mind, making them go deeper and deeper into your psyche. So I thought rather than go to a counsellor or a priest or tell a friend, I’d tell the universe via FB what I thought about things.

So when I had a happy day, I blogged about it. I also blogged about my sad days and the other days in between. But it was Facebook that actually got me into trouble.

Thanks to FB, many lives become public and I discovered a lot of dirt. This led to a very tangled situation, ugly even and potentially dangerous….some of my family members thought I’d not only gone over the edge but would actually attempt doing something so silly as jumping off the balcony! Sadly for them I’m made of sterner stuff and even though I can go on and on about something to the point of sounding crazy, I’m not. I’d like to think I’m a perfectly rational being who sometimes likes to let it all hang out.

Apparently, in my effort to air my thoughts I’ve upset many apple carts and ruffled many feathers and have been told via via via to keep my outrageous comments to myself. When I protested that my blog has a limited audience which is gradually diminishing, I was told to the contrary that I have a thriving following especially someone from the family who makes it a point to snitch.

I, therefore, studiously avoid FB and had actually deactivated my account till last week when I accidentally reactivated it to make a comment on a fellow blogger’s blog. Immediately a notification popped up that a nephew had just celebrated a birthday. I was tempted to click onto his wall and wish him a happy birthday when all the ghosts of FB past flashed before my eyes.

I may be paranoid but truly there are people out there who are stalking my virtual world and making my real world a misery and it is best if I keep my life FB free.

So while FB is a useful tool for keeping in touch it is also a bomb that can blow up in your face and best used judiciously.

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