Cinderella and the Indian Wedding.


“Cindy! Cindy! Where are you? I want my dress ironed now! I’m getting late. Hurry up,” screeches Monsterella.

“Yes! Move your butt you lazy lump,” adds Terribella.

Gosh! How I hate those two wicked step sisters of mine. All day long I get to hear Cindy get  this and Cindy do that. I am not a servant even though they treat me like one. Hmmmm! I’m going to teach them a lesson. Just wait. 

The great Indian wedding

What my sisters don’t know is that I was home when the wedding invite to the Kapoor Khandaan Wedding in Jaipur was delivered. What they also don’t know is that I carefully opened it and noted down all the details of the wedding – the pre-wedding parties, the actual ceremony and the travel arrangements Mr. Kapoor had made for overseas guests. Mr. Kapoor was a reputed Indian Garment exporter and he was Daddy’s best supplier. So I’m quite sure that a when he invited the family to his daughter’s wedding it did include me even though my sisters would like to deny it.  And who knows? I may meet Prince Charming after all?  I mean I know I’m really beautiful when I’m scrubbed clean (even though my sisters like to think otherwise). What they don’t know is that I’m smart as well…..

Three cheers for online shopping!

It was hard to keep a straight face as I went about my household chores but I knew I had to do everything secretly if I wanted to pull things off. My friend Sona who I met on Facebook helped me plan things for my Big Fat Indian Wedding. She told me that I could get the whole thing organised from my iPad! There are so many vendors on line these days.

And she was right ! The number of online retailers was mind boggling. But it is hard to decipher which of them are genuine. So when she told me that I could shop at which is the mother of all online stores, I was flabbergasted. I mean can you imagine that with just one log in I can get access to all the online shops! No more hassles of registering with each store…I mean just look at the convenience.

So, for almost a month, even though it was late in the night I could hardly wait to fetch  my trusty iPad (which the monsters don’t know I possess by the way!) and log into baggout. That was my daily fix for a month. I know this will seem like a long time to shop but no, I was just too hooked onto what was available. And besides, I was spoilt for choice and found it hard to make up my mind. Shopping online was truly a mind blowing experience and while my sisters shopped for stuff  for the great Indian wedding in our hokey pokey Kentucky stores, I went online and shopped for the real stuff.

It seems that the wedding will entail three functions – a mehndi, a cocktail and the actual ceremony.
The mehndi is a bit of a messy function and more casual  (according to Sona) so I can easily go with a tunic on my regular jeans and dress it up with  flower studs and a hairpin to match. I can’t wait to see the expression on my sisters’ faces as they see me step in!

They will be dazzled by the pre-wedding cocktail outfit which is a classic cream churidar kurta set  by Rohit Bal, a top Indian designer accessorized with a shimmery gold toned clutch, a lovely gold necklace, and hooped earrings.

But they will be even more shocked with the outfit I’ve chosen for the actual ceremony. I’ve heard Indians consider black inauspicious so I’ll go with this bright red outfit though it is not really my preferred colour. Since there’s already so much going on with this I’ll only wear earrings to set this off.

I don’t want to bulk up my luggage with too many shoes so I’ll just carry along a pair of peeptoe platforms which I can wear to the cocktails and wedding. As for the Mehndi and general walking around the city, I’ll go with sandals which are easy to slip on and off ,as sometimes people are expected to remove their footwear at the mehndi ceremony.

Thankfully I don’t need to buy any innerwear since that is one luxury my sisters allow me but prettysecrets among other vendors offer the most gorgeous inner wear.

Since I don’t want my sisters to know that I’m attending the wedding I’ve made all my travel arrangements through which is also a partner store with baggout. Don’t worry, I’ve told Mr. Kapoor’s secretary that I’ll be attending the wedding but have also explained my predicament and why I’m doing it all myself.

And now that my sisters have left, I’m waiting for my own taxi ride to take me to the airport….

Shopping at your fingertips

Baggout is truly a one stop shop which caters to all ages and all occasions. I can browse for products ranging from take away food to fashion, cosmetics, gifts , hotels, and everything for men and children too. I could literally shop for all I could possibly want. I mean it was difficult for me not to click on to the wonderful linen and other household things I could gift to the bride Kavita, but since I don’t know her at all, I think I’ll do the Indian thing and gift her cash instead.

Yes, that’s another thing – Baggout has great cash back opportunities for almost all products offered including those on discount. So it offers tremendous savings as well!   This makes baggout a great shopping experience. No more hopping from site to site or store to store – with just a point of a cursor and click of a button  shopping is truly at your fingertips.

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