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Online support

One of the most frustrating things is to find technical support on the net. This is simply because everyone who is a techie thinks that others speak the same language . For instance I have installed Zemanta on my blog and expect to get the links for related content below the media gallery. Try as I might, this is not happening and so my posts remain orphans without any links to the outside world.

I have also been searching for better blogging templates since I’ve been told that my template is old fashioned and unresponsive to search engines etc etc and that if I need to boost up traffic to my blog I should go in for a better template. Now this sounds easy enough but quite hard to implement because how do I identify the best template for my blog? Should it have one column or two? What is a slider? And the more templates I look at, the harder it gets for me to decide which one I should use especially when the details are all in technicalese.

Offline support

But it is equally difficult getting technical support over the phone. This morning I wanted to hook up my LAN cable to another computer so I called in the 24×7 helpline of my service provider. I got the customary recorded message asking me to punch in the relevant numbers which I assiduously did till I realised that the punched number did not register on my landline. So I switched to my mobile phone which has a tenuous connection made even more difficult with the back ground noise of my whirring ceiling fan and rumbling washing machine which though supposedly silent, gets noisier with age. After finally getting through all the layers of  numbers I had to punch in, I managed to talk to a human and luckily at least he spoke the same spoken language ( i.e English ). Then he took me through the drill of how to make the connection and said Press Windows and R together and then type in  abcd.xyz and proceeded to enunciate the letters phonetically saying “c” as in Kalyan. Sensing my obvious disbelief at Kalyan beginning with a c, he began to stammer and stutter till eventually I took over the phonics and said things like a as in apple, b as in bed, c as in candy and d as in dead.

AAAAAAAAAAAH ! Some one please help. All I’m looking for is some simple advice in language I can understand.

Should I just go down to the bookshop and buy a Blogging for Dummies????????

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