Mr. Chidambaram in Mr. Jaitley’s clothing?

Policy of Deceipt

TaxTax (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

I have always been a staunch supporter of the BJP only because I thought it was a more realistic political party. At the end of the day, the Congress remains an elitist party with its core members coming from a rarified social atmosphere far divorced from reality. Of course like all political parties they too had their lumpen elements but considering the need for grassroot connections, this sadly is the pool from which all political parties have to draw support and candidates  from. However, the BJP with its Jan Sangh and Janata party roots seemed more down to earth and in touch with the people. I thought they were a more honest group of people who truly had the people’s interest at heart.

Seems is the operative word because the recent budget of Arun Jaitley turns out to be quite deceptive in its avowed declaration of being a change from the past. After thundering  protests on the regressive economic policies of the UPA Govt, after shouting themselves hoarse with promises of growth stimulating policies conducive to investment from both domestic and international markets, the retrospective taxation on instruments such as FMPs which gained popularity simply because the interest income was non-taxable have proved that this government is no different from the Congress run one.

Raising taxes or new taxes aren’t in themselves bad but what is terrible is “Retrospective Taxation“. How can the investor choose any form of investment if he is unsure of the tax implications? And retrospective taxation is downright devious and totally unexpected from the BJP government which won the mandate purely on the promise of being different from the UPA. But are they really?

Sorry Mr. Jaitley, you have proved to be no better than Mr. Chidambaram and I am beginning to believe a Congress MP who once addressed an electoral meeting exhorting all those present to vote for him saying that all politicians are crooks so you may as well vote for the known devil rather than the unknown one!

Is the BJP going to continue the Policy of Deceipt ? 

Plus ca change, plus ca change pas.

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