When memories depress

English: Underside of a DVD-R disc, modified t...
English: Underside of a DVD-R disc, modified to have transparent background. Français : Dessous d’un DVD (sur fond transparent) Frysk: DVD/dûbelskiif (Unterkant) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the good old days when I was growing up, my father used to record memories in black and white photographs and 8 mm film. When my girls were growing up we recorded them on hand held video cams with small cassettes. Several years ago I changed all these to a video cassette format and last month I got them all converted to DVDs. I played them on the DVD to check out what they were all about and was totally depressed.
Half the people in the film were either dead or dying and the rest of us just looked younger and better.
So the bottom line is
Don’t revisit the past even in a photograph.


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