Apple Service Centres suck

Yesterday I just realised that most of the year is over. Infact at the end of the day I realised that by next Saturday the first week of August will also be over!!! Time is really zooming past at a pace that is simply mind boggling.

The whole of last week was spent in getting my iPad issues sorted out. It all started with a message from Google informing me that my Google account was hacked into. I was quite surprised that this happened – after all I am a nobody from nowhere and had nothing “hackable” to hack into. Could it just be a random hacker who wanted to practice his skills and came upon my account perchance and just hacked into it?

Well, whatever it was, it was a real fiddle because that set a whole lot of things in motion. Changing the password in my Google Gmail account was easy enough. But then I realised that Google had a two step verification process which was initiated everytime I wanted to sign into gmail. This meant that I needed my mobile at hand to enter the verification code that was sent to me.

Then I realised that I had to update my gmail account in my iPad and I got a message saying that I needed to update. When I tried to update I got an error message. This went on for quite a while till I realised that I needed to re-configure my gmail on my iPad (a different issue from the general iOS7 update) but one that eventually led everything to just freeze.

When I went to the iPad retailer he sent me to the service centre and when I went to the service centre I was told to attend to the phone via the telephone. Now anyone who has a Vodafone account will know how difficult it is to conduct any reasonable conversation with anyone particularly on a wet day when all the signals seem to find it really hard to penetrate the atmosphere.

But I persevered over two days since I had to cut short the process of initiation as I had other things to do apart from configuring my iPad. Because of the poor telephone connection I had to repeat my problem to at least five different operators because each time I was connected to a different operator when I reconnected after a dropped signal. Then when I finally managed to get a tenuous connection, I couldn’t reconfigure the account despite four different methods. Finally I was escalated to a senior who told me that the problem was with the verification of gmail account but before I could configure the account I found that the network was having problems and was running very slow. Since I don’t have a WiFi I had to abandon the process for yet another time but since I was almost conversant with the process, I could set up the account on my own this morning and finally have an iPad from which I can send mail messages……….

My learnings :

Apple assumes that everything about its gizmos is instinctive and people can instinctively operate them- this is a fallacy particularly if the user is familiar with Microsoft and the MS operating system.
Apple retailers and service stations in India are not authorised to deal with software issues and for that you have to call on Apple’s toll free number.
Your apple id password can be different from your mail id password even if the id is the same. I can’t figure that one though.
You don’t need to access Gmail through a downloaded Gmail app on your home screen page of the iPad. You can easily access it through the default Mail program.

The Apple technicians on their Toll Free Customer Support Service are helpful, patient and extremely clear in their instructions. It is by far the best customer service I’ve had in a long long time.

What really sucks is the Apple service centre persons who still remain silent or at best mumble their technical jargon which sounds just a shade better than gibberish.

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