Day: 15 September 2014


Why you shouldn’t buy a Siemens’ Washing Machine

I honestly didn’t want to crib today because I hate the way I’m turning into a perennial grumbler. But honestly today I just have to vent.And yes, it is about my washing machine. After four working days of waiting for a technician to show up, I finally called Siemens’ Customer Service in utter disgust and …


Chapter 5 – The Elephant Parade

The Spellbinders Read the previous parts of the story here: Chapter 1- Room no.4 by Ankita Singhal Chapter 2 – Table no. 4 by Bushra M Chapter 3 – If Looks Could Kill by Ryan Fernandes Chapter 4-  The Flower That Never Bloomed by Kunal Borah CHAPTER 5 THE ELEPHANT PARADE Tara took a quick …