Day: 22 September 2014


The Benefits of Walking

This morning I got a WhatsApp message from a dear friend which I’d like to share Walking is the best exercise A lot of ‘walking away’ will do your life good. ‘Walk away’ from arguments that lead you to anger and nowhere. ‘Walkaway from people who deliberately put you down ‘Walk away ‘ from any …


Mixed Feelings

We’re back! Our team The Spellbinders  consisting of Ankita Singhal, Ankit Mahato, Bushra M, Bhavya Nandkumar, Deepa Dutta, Farida Rizwan, Kunal Borah, Ryan Fernandes, Ritu Lalit and myself spent some nail biting moments over the weekend when Blogadda was declaring the results. It was a wonderful experience to weave a story with complete strangers and …