Days Merging

Clouds over the city

These last few months I find my days just merging into one another – almost seamlessly even though the sun sets and rises every day! With this state of Sundays merging into Mondays and every day being no different from the rest, I was confused about yesterday being Friday hence I posted on Skywatch prematurely as it were. So today I have to post another photograph which in any case I was dying to share.

Marine Drive is the iconic promenade of Mumbai and is one of the best places to walk on. Immortalised in Bollywood movies and permanently etched in the minds of all visitors to this city, Marine Drive has  a charm that is hard to explain. Whether it is early morning when the crazy motorcyclist drives by yelling out the Hanuman Chalisa or Sunday evenings when the road is awash with a multitude of people, Marine Drive is my favourite place.

Love under the umbrella

In the day time when the sun is blazing most of the day, the promenade is the perfect place for the students from the nearby colleges to hang out – deprived as they are of a campus in which to chill and share their own space. Very often you find bunches of students hanging out on the sunny walkway, sure that they won’t be spotted by parents or guardians while they enjoy a bit of fresh air.

The majestic Saifee Hospital

 This wonderful building can easily be mistaken for a hotel with its beautiful architectural details and gold tips glinting in the sun.  But actually it is the state of the art hospital built by the Saifee Trust. It is also not on Marine Drive but on the road parallel and is separated from the sea by a suburban railway line.

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