Why SIEMENS is not a good option for a washing machine

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Siemens a leading engineering company?


A few months ago I met a Siemens’ engineer at a social function . I told him how happy I was using their washingmachine. He was quite surprised.  Apparently was scared to tell people he worked at Siemens because all he got was brickbats instead of compliments. Little did I realise then that it wasn’t going to be long before I joined the ranters and ravers about Siemens’ pathetic Customer Service

My Siemen’s washing experience

I have been using a Siemens Washing Machine for two years now. I used an IFB washing machine for 15 years . I changed it because it was really old and was told that old machines were not energy efficient.

I chose a Siemens because I was convinced that German engineering was superior. I also  thought  its customer service would be impeccable. Today I discovered that Siemen’s Customer Service is pathetic. In fact, if I were to rank companies in terms of Service, I would put Siemens very close to Vodafone which tops my list of companies I love to hate.

More gadgets =More complaints!

My number one pet hate is Vodafone which is simply appalling in every respect. The network is pathetic and the promised bandwidth is never forthcoming. From only 5 minutes of 3G every day, I have begun to notice yet another letter H . I still have to figure out what kind of bandwidth this is . I am seriously disappointed.  I hardly ever get 3G especially on my iPad . So  I now use it only to play Mahjong or Bridge  (off line since on line is a long forgotten dream)

Well, it won’t be  too long to have Siemens  surpass it. They have studiously ignored my request for a technician to fix things. I was told by the call center person that within 48 hours I would get a call from someone informing me of when he would be coming. It is now 72 hours and my clothes are piling up and there is not even the remotest sign of a technician calling.

I am now  seriously beginning to regret changing over from IFB whose customer service was impeccable and Service Engineer a familiar face in the neighbourhood.

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