Song of the Circus

Aaah ! As I sit down in front of my PC I realise that it is the beginning of yet another month. September has come faster than August did and even faster than July. Am I the only one who feels that time gets faster as the years go by? It is already the middle of the second half of the year and it will be just tomorrow when we welcome December.

After a dry June and wet July and August, we thought we’d seen the last of the rains when we celebrated Coconut Day mid August. But the monsoons seem to have revived with all the coconuts the sea received and this weekend was the wettest ever.

I have Wow Dinga to keep me company and after a four day break which he spent with his parents, I was happy to discover his new words and antics while the rain poured relentlessly outside. For me it was my own clown show with Wow Dinga’s exaggerated wobbly walk and forced fake laughter. He was the veritable ring master with his masterful “Tung” as he flung the bright Duplo bricks far and wide. And we his four care-takers were like the lions he’d tamed as we’d pick them up and lay them at his feet, only to have them flung again. Yesterday, he found a baton among the walking sticks left at the entrance and he marched up and down the house pointing autocratically at things.

Indeed, it reminded me of the Circus I used to visit every year with its trapeze artists and elephants and sad looking lions. My heart would be in my mouth as I watched the trapeze artists perform high above the crowd and would close my ears at the sound of the Ride of Death with the motorcyclist going round and round a caged ball. And the tin pot band with its screechy trumpets would play out melodies like Come September which remains in my memory as a circus song.


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