The Case of the Shrinking Wash

Old timers like me will remember book shelves in their homes with titles like “The Case of the Velvet Claws” written by Earle Stanley Gardner who was widely read by our parents. The iconic detective Perry Mason was immortalised by a television series that ran for the longest time. Somehow detective novels, crime and mystery seems to be an appealing genre – something to which we turn to quite naturally. At least this is what would seem by the different stories that are emerging at the Celebrate Blogging contest with many of them naturally gravitating towards mystery and suspense. Since my team The Spellbinders are also writing a story with a twist  I seem to be in the mode of writing about mysteries….

Which is why I wonder about the mystery of the wash that shrinks.

If you’ve been following my blog, you will notice that I am without a washing machine for a fortnight now. This is thanks to the Seimens’ Customer Care Service which truly doesn’t care about its customers. But hope lies eternal in the human heart and I foolishly believed them when they said that they’d repair the machine. As is pretty obvious, I am still waiting for the machine to be repaired.

Sadly, the clothes don’t wait to be washed so after much staring at them , gradually observing them growing by the day, I decided to wash them by hand. Now washing by hand was a job that I did ever so long ago it took quite a bit of getting used to…relearning skills that I thought I’d forgotten.

And funnily enough, I made an amazing discovery – that clothes in the laundry basket look much more than the clothes hanging on the line. It’s strange how once you’ve beaten the dirt out of them, squeezed the last drop of water that can be squeezed out and hung them out to dry, they seem just a handful!!!

Now this is definitely worth investigating Mr. Perry Mason – the Case of the Shrinking Wash.

This is my post for  The Write Tribe ProBlogger September Challenge

Author: Unishta

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