Day: 19 October 2014


Upside down peach pudding

Peach pie I missed the moment A winchie winchie winchie wowee This nonsense rhyme is part of the folklore of my family. I don’t know what my girls meant when they invented this rhyme and even why they sang it so happily every time. Perhaps it was the fact that they liked peaches particularly when …


What is your favourite Diwali memory?

For many people Diwali has become just another holiday meant to be spent on the beach or an exotic location or even just quietly at home, enjoying a much needed break from the hectic lives we lead these days. Celebrations of the past remain in the past collecting dust like our clothes that lie in …


Diwali a time for family

In today’s world Diwali has become just another holiday and many people actually lock up their homes and take off on a break somewhere. Gone is the excitement of making new clothes, cleaning up the house , eating special food and making memories with family. This delightful message from Pepsico reminds us how fleeting time …