Day: 21 October 2014


Arnab’s Loud Noises replace Crackers this Diwali

Normally weeks before Diwali, the fire crackers start bursting and the noise about Diwali makes itself heard. Surprisingly this year it has been pretty quiet and I am willing to bet will be pretty silent. Is it finally dawning on people that we need peace and quiet and not NOISE to celebrate the festival of …


When Strangers become friends

Blogadda’s latest initiative to get bloggers to collaborate over a story to #celebrateblogging was a unique idea. All bloggers who registered for this online contest were divided into teams of ten each who I presume were chosen at random (or was there an algorithm at work here?). Each team was given a set of five …


Writing is easy but blogging is not

As a blogger sometimes I wonder what to write about….especially when it’s for a campaign like the Write Tribe‘s Exciting October Daily writing challenge. I mean it’s hard to write about yourself all the time because who really is interested in whether you spent the night tossing and turning? Whether you had a dreamless sleep? …