Fire Crackers on Diwali night

The start of a new year

Last night was a big Diwali night, the first night of the start of the merchant’s commercial calendar. As a harvest festival which commemorated the start of another agrarian cycle, Diwali’s Padva is considered one of the three auspicious days where any activity can be started without checking out the alignment of the stars. So after Laxmi Puja, this is another important day, one fit to be celebrated with lights and firecrackers.

I looked out of my balcony last night and captured some of the nightscenes I could manage without a flash.

This Diwali has been pretty quiet with very few crackers going off at all times of day. The roads too wore a deserted look as did the shops. The lights were fewer too and I wonder if it is because of the changing demographic of the island city, with a large proportion of its population above 60, with several homes where the children have left.

Nana Chowk’s hideous skywalk lit up in the night

The towers in the sky

Top floor of a skyscraper lit for Diwali

A brilliant start burst

Bathed in golden light

Buildings in the front

Festive lights in our compound

Marine Drive in the distance

 A time for new beginnings

Diwali is a time for renewal – a time for new beginnings. 
I wonder what it will bring this time? 
A brilliant star burst in the dark sky or 
a steady row of lights 
burning silently all night? 

I am linking this post to Write Tribe’s October challenge. I’m happy that I’ve been able to blog each day though I’ve been a bit lost with the link ups….

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