The Tale Of Hanuman

Corinne’s entry on Monday got me thinking about words that were similar and yet different. I finally found one that is applicable to my life today. In fact I think it is applicable to most people who start out on repairing or refurbishing or simply just rearranging.

The Tale of Hanuman is actually the Tail of Hanuman which legend has it grows longer and longer. This is exactly what happens when one undertakes a job that involves a major clean up. For instance a simple re-arrangement of books in a shelf or clothes in a cupboard will unearth many more related tasks such as sifting out unwanted stuff, then grappling with the hard choice of keeping it (like the book you may just want to read again or the shirt that may just fit you if you lose just half an inch)

It all began around March 2013 when our building underwent a major overhaul of damaged beams and falling plaster. Being an old RCC structure right in the middle of the monsoon wind currents, this is the fate of several Mumbai buildings which spend months if not years enshrouded in scaffolding gunny sacking while they are being repaired. The moment the scaffolding came down, most of the residents , us included realised that there were several areas in our own homes that could do with some looking into. For us it actually began with a broken lock which had to be replaced. That simple task set off a chain of repair work . From one lock we changed eight and even changed the doors. When that was done we changed the electrical wiring and then naturally we had to paint the walls.

Everything was going fine with painting the house till we came to the kitchen. That’s when we discovered that the parts of the ceiling were on the verge of collapse so that had to be chemically treated and repaired. This obviously threw our painting schedule out of gear and we had to spend a good amount of time re-organising things so that the painters would have work to do while the ceiling got dry.

Then I discovered that my cookstove needed fixing as a nozzle needed to be replaced. I did what I thought was clever – taking it to my local Mr. Fix It who apparently did fix it but not to the satisfaction of the gas company mechanic who deemed it unfit and unsafe for use. So I had to re-do the job!

I do hope the Tail of Hanuman has now stopped growing and the rest of the house refurbishment goes on smoothly……

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