MUD from Mud and a song and dance in between

MUD – a musical – the story of Kuala Lumpur

 Panggung Bangaraya

During my recent visit to Malayasia, the day would begin sunny and clear and by mid day, it would get really hot. So when Jeevan got us into the van after our lunch at the Olive Tree ( which by the way is not a Mediterranean Restaurant or even a restaurant remotely serving continental food as we know it) it had just begun to rain. Unfortunately this was not a flash in the pan shower but a good downpour and we had to huddle up in the porch of the Panggung Bangaraya the theatre which started out as the first office of the Sanitation Board for Kuala Lumpur and later on metamorphosed into a centre for the performing arts. Today this wonderfully restored building in the Merdeka Dataran area which was once the heart of Kuala Lumpur during colonial times, has been restored to its full glory with stained glass windows and completely refurbished interiors.

Once the most photographed facade in KL
Clock Tower of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Twice daily, the Kuala Lumpur City Hall  stages two performances of a completely indigenous production called MUD – a musical rendition of the history of Kuala Lumpur. While the story is a bit contrived and choppy,(three friends come to the confluence of the two rivers to a rudimentary tin mining town that is destroyed by floods and fire only to rise yet again from the mud), the production is quite riveting with an interactive performance that invites the audience to come on stage! Despite the over acting, one cannot deny the enthusiasm of the young performers who bring to the stage a vibrancy of colour and a sincerity that rings through their voices.

There are two performance daily, one at 3 in the afternoon and one late evening  at 8.30. Ticket for  RM60 can be bought over the counter by cash or card just twenty minutes before showtime.

A stained glass window

The ceiling with the Wau Bulan

Do not try to compare it with Boradway or West End for it has a naivety and a rawness that is particularly engaging.  I would strongly recommend it to all visitors to get a feel of the vibe that makes Kuala Lumpur , the city that rose from the MUD.

The enthusiastic star cast


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