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Giving : Food for Thought

In the month of November, as most bloggers were busy with NaNoWriMo,  writing activity at WriteTribe was temporarily suspended . But even though I was busy writing my Great Indian Novel, I missed writing for Write Tribe and I’m glad it’s up and running once again. 

Both Vidya and Corinne began the month by blogging about Giving Tuesday and the joys of unconditional giving which got me thinking –

 do we really give unconditionally? 

According to the laws of nature, every action has a reaction so taking this further can it be possible that our action of giving remains in isolation and doesn’t provoke a reaction? 

While giving without expectation is a noble idea we are mere humans and it is natural to expect something in return. The simple act of giving a smile spontaneously elicits one in return

So I feel that giving without expectation is unrealistic.

What one should expect then  is unequal reciprocity. 

Why is giving always material?

When one talks of giving, it is always equated with matter. Matter that is quantified. We talk of giving away excess wealth, excess clothes, unwanted objects but what but what about giving when it really pinches? What about giving things that you are actually using? Most times we give away things that we’ve long forgotten or have no use for so in a way  by giving them away we are  actually doing ourselves a favour – clearing up space for new things.
This Tuesday we were urged to get our family or friends together to give something . Sadly my family and friends were too tied up in their lives to come together and give.

So I thought I’d give my thoughts on giving, give something “immaterial” that is food for thought.

Perhaps I should also give somethings away so that I have some space in my cupboard!

This is my post for the WriteTribeProBlogger Challenge for December


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