When Santa Had a Close Shave

Reunions and Nostalgia

On the 19th of December our class got together for our 40th reunion. Of course this didn’t mean that it was the 40th meeting since we graduated from high school but it was 40 years since we had finished school. We had our first reunion 25 years  after leaving school and I can never get over the shock of seeing  our 16 year old classmates whom we remembered as callow youth with pimples and adolescent angst writ on our faces completely transformed. Some of the boys had come into their own and were devastatingly handsome while other had begun achieving that look of distinction that  grey hair and maturity imparts. Most of the  girls had grown into young mothers , happy with their added pounds. Some of our classmates weren’t as lucky and had aged beyond belief with frazzled hair and more than excess weight. So I was actually looking forward to this reunion with all of us in our Golden Years. Sadly I had to give this event a miss as I was in the middle of a family reunion that was happening for a wedding and an engagement. But the meeting of the graduating class spurred on a wave of nostalgia that generated a WhatsApp group that has been so active that in the past few days we’ve communicated more enthusiastically than we did  in all the years that we were at school!

With all the nostalgia going around especially around Christmas time which we all remember as a time of holidays that started with our last Christmas Assembly where we sang Christmas Carols with great gusto. I’ve received several Christmas Greetings on this group and I’d particularly like to share one of them :

When  Santa had a  close shave

The kids were excited as Santa was coming to school as he did every year during the Christmas Assembly. There was a crispness in the air and the children filed in excitedly (the younger ones who looked forward to their gift of walnuts and apples and the older ones who were looking forward to the days off). The children joined in with the choir singing  Christmas Carols in between the Lesson and the Sermon delivered by the  School Prefects. After “Hark the Herald” the Head Master would give his usual address before school broke off for the holidays – reminding us all that we should use this time to reflect, assess and renew our energies so that we came back the next term afresh and ready to take on the last term before the academic year ended. And then Mrs. Da Costa played the opening bars of the familiar tune of Jingle Bells and the choir burst into joyous song. 
Despite the fact that there’s never been snow in Mumbai, Santa always came dressed in a cherry, red woolen suit topped with hat and boots! And there he was, entering from the back gate to a flurry of cheers and wild clapping. Slowly he came to the front of the hall accompanied by some of the senior boys who helped him bring his sacks. One by one the children filed past him, shaking his hand and taking a walnut or apple that Santa pulled from his sack. Everything was going well till Ankita who had just heard from her older brother that Santa didn’t exist, decided that she’d rather touch Santa’s lovely white beard than just shake his hand, to test whether it really was Santa or an imposter.  And horror of horrors, when she touched his beard, her little fingers got entangled and when she pulled her hand away, the beard almost came in her hand! Luckily Santa had his wits about him and he Ho-ho-ed his way through this near disaster by quickly wrapping his scarf around him and pushing the beard back in place. He gave Ankita a conspiratorial wink and reassured her that all was well in the world. 
That  was  a close shave indeed for Santa who would never have been able to live down the shock of being exposed as Mr. Sharma the Senior Chemistry Master!!!!
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So Merry Christmas all of you !

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