Month: January 2015


So do you still want to blog?

Choosing the right platform, the right topic and the right adviser is very important to get your blog right!


My Mumbai nightsky

There are just a few days in the year when the visibility in Mumbai is crystal clear. Much before the skyscrapers came up outside my balcony, I could see the hills on the mainland ! However, I glanced at the night sky last week and felt the same crispness in the air, the same clarity …


The Doctor

what is it that drives women who have it all to choose a hard path to follow their dream?


Proud to be Indian

Watching the Indian flag fly in the garden is a moment that makes you feel proud of being an Indian.


When a car is more than just a car.

I’m looking for a car that’s cute & sturdy,versatile,reliable,comfortable and technically advanced.  I am a city driver whose route generally consists of driving through narrow , congested lanes when I go for my weekly bhaji shopping. So my current Santro is ideal for me. But I also love zooming down Marine Drive and would love to …


A Valentine Fantasy

Image for Valentine Fantasy

   Frankly, I’m way beyond Valentine’s Day. But the other day when I was cleaning up my cupboard, I came across a small wooden box which I’d long forgotten about. I opened it and was surprised when I saw a thin, gold chain with 10 delicate hearts strung on it. Immediately, it brought back memories of …