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Monthly Archive: January 2015

So do you still want to blog? 0

So do you still want to blog?

Choosing the right platform, the right topic and the right adviser is very important to get your blog right!


My Mumbai nightsky

There are just a few days in the year when the visibility in Mumbai is crystal clear. Much before the skyscrapers came up outside my balcony, I could see the hills on the mainland ! However, I glanced at the...

The Doctor 0

The Doctor

what is it that drives women who have it all to choose a hard path to follow their dream?

Proud to be Indian 0

Proud to be Indian

Watching the Indian flag fly in the garden is a moment that makes you feel proud of being an Indian.


When a car is more than just a car.

I’m looking for a car that’s cute & sturdy,versatile,reliable,comfortable and technically advanced.  I am a city driver whose route generally consists of driving through narrow , congested lanes when I go for my weekly bhaji shopping. So my current Santro is...

Image for Valentine Fantasy 0

A Valentine Fantasy

   Frankly, I’m way beyond Valentine’s Day. But the other day when I was cleaning up my cupboard, I came across a small wooden box which I’d long forgotten about. I opened it and was surprised when I saw a thin,...


Sunrise from my window

This morning I was at the kitchen sink preparing some cauliflower for my lunch while my egg was bubbling on the boil. I happened to glance eastward and saw the sun rise from behind the clouds. I just couldn’t help...

Why does it have to be Either, Or? 0

Why does it have to be Either, Or?

You probably won’t like what I’m going to say but the sad truth in life is that with most things in life it almost is an either or situation. Of course this doesn’t mean that you cannot try to break...

At the end of the day 2

At the end of the day

Today is just the middle of the week but for some strange reason it seems like the end of the week. Wednesday has always been a rough day perhaps it is because it is the middle of the week. I’ve...

Are mothers our greatest critics? 0

Are mothers our greatest critics?

My parents live in Pune which is only 120 km and 3 hours away from Mumbai yet it often is as long as three months before I see them. Every year I start out with the intention of visiting them...

Every blogger needs some guidance 1

Every blogger needs some guidance

Blogging is a learning experience with lots of experts available for free and for a fee. Be careful who you choose because there are pitfalls you aren’t aware of.


Bags for all seasons

The other day I was driving down Bhulabhai Desai Road and was moaning and groaning about the slow moving traffic when a splash of colour in the Aakar Art Gallery window caught my eye. Aakar for years now has been...

Mumbai Marathon 2015 1

Mumbai Marathon 2015

The Mumbai Marathon is not always looked forward to by every Mumbaikar.

Vive le difference 0

Vive le difference

there is a basic difference between men and women and we may as well accept it!

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