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 Frankly, I’m way beyond Valentine’s Day.

But the other day when I was cleaning up my cupboard, I came across a
small wooden box which I’d long forgotten about. I opened it and was surprised when I saw a thin, gold chain with 10 delicate hearts strung on it.

Immediately, it brought back memories of those Valentine Days past when each one was marked by a special little heart gifted by my Valentine who by then was very much my husband and significantly much better half.
Why did the hearts just stop at 10, when we’ve been together for many, many more? 
Well quite simply because with little children (as more than adequate proof of your love) in tow, it’s hard to demonstrate the love all the time.

Besides, with maturing tastes, the little, gold hearts changed to keepsakes
that were more substantial – jewellry that  I would pass on to the next generation.
But the announcement of the Baggout Contest, set me thinking once again – what would I do if I had all the powers in the world to give my Valentine the most memorable day in his life? After all, love doesn’t diminish with age, in fact with each passing year of shared experiences, there’s more love to go around. So dear genie, by the powers you have gifted to me, I would like to………………..
Transport myself to Italy’s Amalfi Coast with my Valentine and all those he loves most –his mother, his daughters and his two-year-old
And on this brilliant sunny day, the winter chill still in the air,
we’d step off from our yacht and into a horse carriage at the pier.
Through cobbled streets of the picture postcard town, we’d clip-clop till we climb up to the top of the hill when the road merges with the earth to make a dusty track.
We’d bid farewell to horse and carriage and continue walking on our way, a
motley group, trampling through grasses on hills kissed by the waters of the sea. We’d trundle on until we spy a country cottage in an olive grove and there we’d find a red checkered cloth spread upon a rustic table.
And on that simple sun-dappled counter laden with a sumptuous spread; we’d slowly savour all the food he can’t resist and sip the whiskeys he just collects.
With conversation and laughter flowing,
we’d feast on a meal he’d never ever forget:  Fresh, crispy salad of olives, arugula and fat tomatoes,  grilled mozzarella steaks
and chunky French fries with a freshly prepared honey  mustard sauce,
crusty hot garlic bread  and crunchy fruit –  juicy strawberries drowned in
vanilla cream. A meal like this so simple yet replete with taste made more special with all the love around –  truly there can be no greater joy than this for a man to share his bountiful happiness with those with whom he has bonds so deep that nothing in the world can snap:  breaking bread with family, sharing memories, unbridled laughter and promise of hope, a love that spans four generations.
Then after this rich repast, dear Genie, please arrange for
a long siesta in a hammock underneath the trees while in the background we can hear the sounds of Andrea Bocelli’s angelic music playing. And then as the sun begins to set, you’d somehow whisk us (preferably on a magic carpet from Isfahan) to the sultry balminess of our tropical home where once again by the seaside, we play football on soft sand still warm.  The happy gurgles of our grandson as he deftly kicks the ball on the run, mingled with the soft chatter of our daughters’ words, the mellifluous tones of his mother’s voice as she sings the “(Mere Mehe) boob” song he so adores transporting him back to childhood days when his life
was simple and free of stress.
What could be more perfect, dear genie, than a day spent in
the company of those you love? What bliss it is to enjoy the things that make you happy, and that dear genie, would be my Valentine’s gift for a love that’s only growing still.
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p.s. Since this post was written the two year old grandson has turned 6 and joined by his brother Little Po and cousin Ms. Papaya.

Author: Unishta

A granny who always sees the humour in life and tries to do things differently. When others make cupcakes, this granny makes banana fritters. When she’s not busy chasing her grandchildren who love making her run around, she indulges in her passions of reading, writing, meeting friends and watching movies. And somewhere between all this she enjoys travelling and cooking!

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