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Re-capturing the freshness and the warmth

76% of Indian men feel laundry is a woman’s job

Monday mornings are blue for a vast majority of people. After Sunday which is normally relaxing and easy, Monday signals another great week of hectic activity. And what I like most about Monday, is that it is my wash day. The first thing I do when I jump out of bed on Monday morning is to strip down the bed and dump the sheets in the washing machine. I then proceed to plump up the mattress and shake out the pillows, clean up the room while the sheets are whirring contentedly in the washing machine. After half an hour or more, when the machine comes to a halt, I open up the hatch and pull out the sheets – smelling wonderfully clean laundry that only clean can smell. And then comes the best part – hanging them out to dry in the sun and watch them flutter in the breeze.  Undoubtedly, doing the laundry is one of the better jobs especially when you have a washing machine to take away the drudgery and the hardship of physical labour.
But apart from the mere washing, laundry also involves ironing – another of my favourite household chores. I love seeing the pile of laundry slowly diminishing and the pile of well ironed and folded clothes gradually rising; then sorting out the clothes and leaving them in different rooms so that their owners can keep them back in cupboards meant for them. Doing the laundry brings a sense of order to my life – a job that is done Monday after Monday with a rhythm as regular as the seasons.
On Mondays I do the bed linens in my room, on Tuesday’s it is the turn of the girls’ . Every morning I wash the family wash and once a month I do the curtains. After the monsoons I launder the razais and leave them out in the sun to absorb the warmth that will see us through the winter and once again when summer starts, I start the cycle once again. 

Doing the laundry requires sorting out the whites from the non-, the table linen from the regular clothes, the delicates from the rough and tough and the mildly dirty to the really yuck. It involves some hand scrubbing, some spot cleaning, some bleaching and some starch. It is not just dunking clothes in the machine and taking them out. Hanging them too, is an art – making sure that the creases are eased out and the clothes left to dry just so – neither bunched up or stretched out of shape.

So how can this possibly be a man’s job? Unless of course he thinks like a woman and treats laundry like a labour of love and not just another household chore.

Being in the way

73% of married Indian women feel a man prioritizes relaxing over helping with household chores.
While I’m not a glutton for punishment nor am aspiring to be a domestic goddess, I do prefer doing the housework myself. This is obviously because I’m blessed with the option of having some domestic help and a large part of my housework consists of supervising or providing the finishing touches. It also helps that I’m a gizmo freak and have gadgets to ease the hard work but on the days that the machines fail or the domestic help doesn’t show up ( and believe me it happens often enough for me to curse my luck or swear that I’ll never be caught in such a situation again) I’d rather do the household chores myself than have my Better Half help me. 
Very often Hubby Dear very sweetly volunteers to help but then I find that the bed that is made is just a lumpy bed with the counterpane spread sloppily over the bed, the table laid with just half the spoons, the clothes dunked somewhere in a corner rather than folded away and even tea that is served ice cold after seven hours just so that I don’t have to do it myself! 
In our small kitchen helping with the dishes is just having someone come underfoot so rather than wait with another dirty dish in my hand, I’d much rather do all the dirty dishes myself. When Hubby Dear decides to help with the housework, I often have to spend time showing him where things are or clearing up after him so I’d rather let him relax than help me with the household chores.

Let’s face it, there are some jobs only a woman can do , which are better done by herself.
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