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Mumbai Marathon 2015


No peaceful Sunday 

Well, like most Mumbaikars I was looking forward to a peaceful Sunday particularly after last week’s hectic activity which had me on my toes all the time that I was awake. For many years I used to call my house SK Boarding & Lodging as we always had a floating population of out – of-  towners staying over, most of them being business associates. However, for the last decade or so, SK Boarding & Lodging officially closed down when the business moved out of the house and into its own premises, so when I found my house full again, I had to scurry around till I found my feet again and get the house running back like clockwork. This time round it was family that descended on me – two daughters home with minor ailments who needed and demanded my tender, loving care. Alas, with a curious and inquisitive grandson who keeps me busy and alert, a husband whose stress levels needed to be kept under control (thanks to two international delegations visiting the office at the same time) and with my own commitments barely kept in abeyance I’m pretty sure I gave the TLC short shrift.  So I pretty much looked forward to a relaxed Sunday this weekend ; but today happened to be the now famous Mumbai Marathon where anybody who is a Mumbaikar worth his salt has to be either a cheerer or a runner.

I got up this morning with strange sounds coming from the front door  at 5.30 am and realised Hubby Dearest must have got up to go down and cheer his office team , led by the Boss, in the corporate relay marathon. This in itself was enough to shock me into wakefulness and I quickly joined him downstairs before the Boss, who is a committed athlete and threatened to do 6 km in under 40 mins,  zoomed past us, and was slated to pass by at 6.40.

I scrambled out of bed and quickly brushed my teeth, grabbed some clothes and managed to be at a vantage spot, just in time for him to see me cheer him on . After the usual natter with other cheerers, I returned home  smug as a bug in a rug with the Brownie points I managed to score for Hubby Dear and was looking forward to spending the rest of the day in relative calm. Sadly, the Universe had other plans for me and our lunch time calm was shattered with the news that one of the corporate relay participants on our team had collapsed, was bleeding from the head and was taken to hospital. Immediately we sprung into action and gathered up all the loose cash we had at home so that we could make the hospital deposit.

We handed over the money to one of the colleagues who had stopped by for the money when we received a call that the money we had collected was inadequate so the only option left was for Hubby Dear to go to the hospital and sign on his credit card. This meant that I had to go along as the car couldn’t be left unattended……….

We reached the hospital just as the boy regained consciousness and was declared fit and fine . It seems that he had an epileptic seizure and was a known epileptic who had hidden this fact from his employers. So once we were assured that he was in safe hands, we went ahead to join the rest of the team at the Irish House.

p.s. The Boss did the 10.5 km stretch in 51 minutes and his team placed 9th among 81 corporate teams.

 Mumbaikars on the Go

But it seems that I’m not the only one who found the Standard Chartered Marathon a bother. FroIMG_1236m the looks of it, this couple carting their luggage were obviously unable to get either their car or a taxi out of their building and take them to the airport or train station!

So I often wonder if it is fair to keep the residents of those buildings along the Marathon route imprisoned for the few hours that the marathoners are running on the streets.

Perhaps next year the organisers may have the Marathon in the Business District of Mumbai  which is spookier than a haunted house once the shutters are down and not inconvenience any of the residents who live along the route.

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