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An upside down sky 6

An upside down sky

      I’ve had the most wonderful mornings this week attending a Yoga class which left me happy and stretched the rest of the day! For more skies from around the world go...


Finally a Thursday to express my gratitude

Well, when I joined up Vidya Suri’s Blog hop the Gratitude Circle, I thought how hard could it be? I mean it was just one blog post on the fourth Thursday of the month...


Of breathtaking parties and amazing panini

With Anna Shetty and Wow Dinga away for the weekend, a long and boring time loomed ahead of me. Luckily, the thought of attending a wedding celebration on Saturday night prevented my spirits from...


A Midsummer Night's dream in Winter

A fantastic winter wedding in Mumbai

The Perils of Social Media 1

The Perils of Social Media

So caught up are we in the virtual world that we often forget that there is a life beyond the keyboard. This morning I received this reminder that we should stop to stand and...


Under a dark and cloudless sky

Last night I thought I’d set out and capture some night sky. Mumbai’s frenetic streets were deserted since it was a public holiday and it seemed just the right time to do it so...

Inside, Outside and Aside 0

Inside, Outside and Aside

So I’ve often wondered what an ASIDE really is. I found out that it means a short post typically without a title. Going through Blogging 101 I came up with this suggestion of trying...

Image of Urban Farmer 0

Tales from Abje #1 : Home of the new middle class consumer

This post first appeared on this blog as In a village called Abje Only 120 km away from Mumbai in the middle of nowhere, is a small village called Abje . It has  a...

What makes Parul Sheth Run ? 0

What makes Parul Sheth Run ?

Looking at Parul Sheth  a  frail young  women one can hardly see a glimmer of the steel she’s really made of.  A personal tragedy that tore her perfect life to shreds left her devastated, depressed,...

What makes WordPress a better blogging platform? 5

What makes WordPress a better blogging platform?

  Well, finally after months of soul searching I’ve come to the conclusion that WordPress is a better blogging platform.  There are several blogging platforms out there in the blogosphere , the commonest being...

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