A perfect Valentine Destination

Valimiki was sleeping in his bed, enjoying the best sleep he’d had for a long while when the warm rays of the sun woke him up. Stretching out his arms and legs, he gently rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and looked around pleased with himself. It seemed to be a great day after all and he should grab it before it faded into another sunset. This was perhaps the perfect  day for him to get the attention of the new girl Tina, who had just moved into the neighbourhood.

“Wake up, sleepy head, ” he admonished himself, ” This is no time to lie in bed,” and he quickly washed his face and combed down his hair.

“Mmm, ” he said looking at himself in the mirror, ” Irresistibly handsome, ” he assured himself and was about to let himself out of the house when he remembered his granny telling him:

“Val,  don’t you forget girls love attention especially on Valentine’s Day. They love being spoilt and pampered so don’t think that just because you’re a good looking guy and you ask a girl to be your Valentine, she’ll  fall for you. You have to plan everything. “

Eureka! That’s what it was thought Valmiki suddenly. That explains why I’m alone all these Valentine’s Days! And he also remembered that to have the perfect date, one should also plan the perfect destination . Where could they possibly go? Everywhere there seemed to be too many people and too many prying eyes. Suddenly, it came to him – what about the top of the building under construction? That had to be the best view in town – one from where you could see the whole city and the sea beyond.  

Hmmm. That’s it, thought Val,  now all I need is the perfect gift and he went around the house looking for something suitably perfect. 

It didn’t take him very long and half an hour later,  a  pleased as punch Val went up to Tina’s door. He knocked politely as he’d been taught and waited patiently for it to open. The minutes passed by slowly as he heard the pad-pad of steps approaching. It opened a crack and there was Tina standing there just as he’d imagined her to be, shyly behind Shanta, the housemaid who’d opened the door.

“Oh my! How sweet! You’ve got a gentleman caller,” she said, letting Valmiki in.

Tina stared hostilely at Val and after the initial face- off, agreed to go out with him.Val was thrilled his plan was working and the two of them set off down the road.

Five minutes later,  the two cats purred with contentment as they made themselves comfortable on the cold concrete floor as they settled down  to share the piece of mackerel he’d got for their perfect Valentine’s Day.

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