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Finally a Thursday to express my gratitude

Well, when I joined up Vidya Suri’s Blog hop the Gratitude Circle, I thought how hard could it be? I mean it was just one blog post on the fourth Thursday of the month which isn’t really difficult is it? After all, I do have a lot to be grateful for and  I should just remember to acknowledge it. Strangely enough though, I found it almost impossible to remember the 4th Thursday of the month and would console myself that there’s another month still to come. But this time round, I’ve actually remembered to catch it on time. But it looks like I’m not a member of this group so it won’t be posted on the Circle of Gratitude. However, I still have a lot to be grateful for this week so here goes:

  • For starters, I am grateful for the opportunity of doing Yoga this week. Our club had organised a Yoga camp conducted by the Bihar School of Yoga. It was only a week’s program and one which I thought was doable so I joined up. And I’m glad I did. What bliss it was to wake up in the morning and step out while dawn is breaking, to drive down an empty road along the sea, to spread out a blanket on a dew filled field and wake up to a bright blue sky after a satisfying shavasana! 
  • I am grateful for my grandson who keeps me supple and agile with his demands to be carried or keep him company while crawling, looking under sofas for the toys he has flung and generally be patient while he works out a tantrum. Being in the company of an innocent being who is just discovering the world is more rejuvenating than any holiday.
  • I am grateful for the company of friends who still keep up with me despite my hanging up on them mid-conversation because something demands my immediate attention. It is stressful to be in the company of people with whom you have to always mind your p’s and q’s and I’m really grateful that my friends understand and are still my friends.
  • This last week I’ve had the opportunity to try out new recipes on a spanking new grill thanks to Blogadda’s #CreateFearlessly and I’m grateful for this challenge which motivates me to enter the kitchen. Not only does this activity give me an opportunity to try new dishes but also gives me the opportunity to try out new skills like tweeting photos and making video clips into one continuous movie.
  • This week I’ve managed to have some wonderful dinners with good company and good food. I’m grateful indeed for this spell of entertainment where I could combine business with pleasure!

I am also linking this post to Write Tribe ProBlogger Challenge.

Incidntally, after I posted this on Write Tribe Corinne added me to the Gratitude Circle so I’m linking this to it as well!. Thanks Vidya and Corinne for your encouragement.

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