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A perfect Valentine Destination

Valimiki was sleeping in his bed, enjoying the best sleep he’d had for a long while when the warm rays of the sun woke him up. Stretching out his arms and legs, he gently...


Another Friday Mumbai

This week I can honestly say Thank God It’s Friday simply because I’ve had a week of sniffling and snuffling. Honestly this cold wave that has gripped my city is annoying to say the...

Birthday Greetings from Google 0

Birthday Greetings from Google

I opened my Chrome homepage this morning and was pleasantly surprised to find a GOOGLE graphic in birthday cakes specially wishing me  a happy birthday. While I was thrilled  and flattered with this very...


Are ULIP’s a scam?

I am not a financial advisor. I am just an ordinary customer. Ten years ago, my husband invested a small sum of money with the HDFC Unit Linked Young Star program. Last November I...

Haji Ali on a Saturday night 1

Haji Ali on a Saturday night

Thank God It's Saturday 0

Thank God It's Saturday

Most people thank God it’s Friday but for me, I’m glad it’s Saturday. Last week during a meeting with the ladies of St.Judes ( a charity that offers free accommodation for outstation kids undergoing...


The golden kiss of the setting sun

Mumbai’s winter has finally left us and I put away the light sweater that was lolling around on the rocking chair these past few days. Our Winter is not cold enough to really wear...

On the streets of Mumbai 2

On the streets of Mumbai

On the streets of Mumbai you will see different things Fake bangles, heaps of slippers, hanging amulets, Piles of water coolers, rows of kites Spindles of kite string Dresses for the Gods Tramping through...


Shattered Dreams – Coping with adversity.

Paperback: 404 pages Publisher: Jaico Publishing House; First edition (23 January 2015) Language: English Rama has grown up and is now a young married man. Taking off from where the story ends in Book 1, Shubha Vilas...

An arty Sunday Brunch 2

An arty Sunday Brunch

I started out my modest art collection with an oil on canvas of Venice in sombre yellows by a little known Indian painter. Somehow, trite as the images are of Venice with its bridges...

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