Another Friday Mumbai

This week I can honestly say Thank God It’s Friday simply because I’ve had a week of sniffling and snuffling. Honestly this cold wave that has gripped my city is annoying to say the least – because it is not cold enough to warrant a sweater nor hot enough to wear a sleeveless cotton shirt!And this is confusing all the viruses who don’t know whether to hang on or say goodbye.  I’m so hoping that with the weekend, the sun gets back to its normal hot and hot routine.

I was walking home the other day and came across a brilliant sun setting between two buildings that I just had to share

I find it fascinating how the same scene looks so different in a different frame. The picture on the left taken as a zoomed in sun between two buildings looks quite different from the one on the right, the same scene taken without the zoom. How come the sky colours look so different?
One has a rosy glow about it while the other  looks grey and gloomy.

I suddenly found the sky filled with birds swirling madly above my head so I took this photo but it hasn’t come out as dramatic as I imagined. They look more like dust particles caught up in my lens!

And then I found myself looking up at this palm umbrella, unfurled right above me!

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